Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You . . . for your faith

"Thanks for showing me that even on the darkest, rainiest days the sun is still there, just behind the clouds, waiting to shine again."
~Lisa Harlow

Today I would like to pay tribute to my wonderful parents and for the faith that they have had for me and continue to have for me. I am the 12th blessed child that my parents have together and I am equally grateful for them as my 11 siblings. My parents are the ultimate examples of faith. I know us outsiders can only imagine the faith these people have but I have witnessed the faith these two have excerised throughout my life. The faith that it must have taken to have not just a couple of kids but 13 and to love and care for each of them the same. Through many hardships and miscarriages getting all of us here, I'm grateful they never lost faith or I probably wouldn't be here. My parents have been through some of the most difficult trials I have ever had to see people go through and even when times get rough and hard, they seem to continue to have faith and know that everything will work out. They know that the lord is on their side and they have taught us that from a very young age. My parents have been so supportive throughout my life and have always been those cute parents at every soccer game or Drill Team performance or competition, even though they have seen the same dance 893748923 times. My parent's have always allowed me to follow my dreams and do and go where I want and need to go to fufill those dreams and aspirations. Like I said, they have faith that I will trust in the lord and that everything will work out if I just have faith and trust in the lord. I'm grateful for my parent's and for the faith they have in me. Even when I make a mistake, they always seem to have faith in me. I appreciate their love and examples in my life and am so blessed to be thier daughter and be able to call them my parents. I love you both and appreciate your love for me.

All my heart and more,

Your baby girl


  1. Who are those really old people you hang out with? Thanks for the kind words -- you're the best!

  2. Merilee, you are great. Thanks for sharing so openly. We love your parents, too. They have always been the examples that Jon and I look to.

    Love you!