Friday, April 22, 2011

Simply Happy

Today I had one of those days that was just really good. As I have thought about the past month of my life I can honestly say that I am just simply happy. It has been awhile since I feel like I can honestly say that. All it took was for me to just "Stop and Smile" and just step back and realize how blessed I am in my life. I have such an amazing life and so many amazing people cheering me on in the race of life. It's the simple things in life that make me so happy whether it's simply going on a picnic with one of my lovely roommates or going for a nice jog at sunset on a warm spring evening. I just had one of those yummy days where I have just been at peace and so happy. My life has been so crazy busy lately with trying to get everything ready to move home and get everything ready to transfer, getting my runs in as I continue to prepare for my race, and finishing up school but today I feel like I was able to just escape all that stress and anxiety for a day and just enjoy life. Today I'm happy with where I am in life and where I'm going. I'm happy with the person I am and with the person I am becoming. Things in life are looking up even though things are hard. I'm sad to close such an amazing chapter in my life, but I'm anxious to see what the next one has to offer. So take a minute and just "Stop and Smile," think about what you are grateful for and the things that bring you happiness in life.
Life is good.


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