Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cleanse Day 7: The Final Day

YAY!! I made it!
Today was such a great day!
I woke up refreshed and felt energetic all day!
That was a change from being exhausted all week.
I don't know if it was simply because I knew it was over today or what but I was feelin' good.
It honestly scared me to break it,
I thought to myself,
"What am I supposed to eat now?"
But it felt good.
**Bottom Line**
It felt so good to accomplish something like this.
It sounds simple but this was really hard.
My first reaction to doing it was,
"Sure I can do it, I love fruits and veggies... 7 days isn't that long... how hard could it be?"
Well I most certainly ate my words this past week.
{no pun intended haha ;) }
It was hard.
But I'm glad a stayed strong.
I surprised myself.
I learned that I have more self-control than I give myself credit
and I know that is the case with everyone.
I learned that there is never a convenient time to do it so you just have to do it if you're going to.
There's always going to be a holiday, or not enough time to blend a smoothie, or whatever the excuse may be.
The reality is, Now is the time.
The old saying "My diet starts tomorrow" is not a good one.
You gotta take action.
I learned that it is important to have support.
If you can get someone to do it with you, even better.
This week was good.
I feel good.

I broke my fast with a handful of salted Cashews.
Sounds lame, but when all you have been eating is fruits and veggies for a week,
cashews have never tasted better.
Now as for my plan.
What now?
I'm going to slowly start adding things into my diet.
Tonight I added humus, a few seasonings, cashews, and some pita bread.
I've learned to be more aware of what I'm eating but not overly obsessive about it.
I feel good about my new habits.
What a great week!
Thanks to those of you who followed.

** By the end of my cleanse I lost 8 pounds.
7 days.
I wasn't doing it to necessarily lose weight but..
I'm going to do my best to keep it off.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cleanse: Day 6!!

Another day down...
Today was good.
It was easier to get out of bed today, I wasn't as tired.
Then, I hit a wall about 9:30 a.m. ...
Another wall at about 2:30p.m. ...
And another at about 7:30 p.m. ....
So still feeling a little tired.
The eating is going well.
I had some delicious smoothies today and I'm feeling good about resisting all of the wonderful desserts presented to me today, which is weird for me because I LOVE my dessert.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow being my...
I'm starting to add different things back into my diet tomorrow and I'm excited.
I'm not exactly sure what,
but I don't want my body to freak after only eating fruits and veggies for a week.
{Anything at this point I'll be happy with;)}
Today was a great day.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
I'm feelin' good.
As for now...
I NEED sleep.
I know I've been saying it all week,
but it's true.
Nighty night Cyberspace!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cleanse: Day 5

Day 5 goin' strong...
2 days left!!!
Today was good.
I woke up feeling a little draggy and tired
but as soon as I woke up I was perky for most of the day.
As far as the hunger factor...
I don't really feel all that hungry anymore.
I think the hardest part is mealtimes.
I don't know what to eat.
I like variety when I eat and I definitely miss that.
It's frustrating to open the fridge at any given meal time and pull out what you pulled out for the last 3 meals.
It gets a little old,
but it's alright.
Only 2 days left!!
My sister mentioned my skin today.
She said she thought my skin looked "glowing" today.
I hadn't really noticed but I did notice as I was brushing my teeth before bed,
I think it has helped my complexion and given a glow to my skin. :)
Today my brother-in-law asked me what I'll be eating for dinner a week from today,
I didn't know how to answer.
One thing that I know is that it's not like I'm going to be eating only fruits and veggies for the rest of my life that' for sure.
It has made me think twice about all the junk I'm used to eating however.
Don't get me wrong...
I still like the yummy desserts and things
I will be more aware of what I choose to eat.
I'm going to try to no longer just eat to eat,
it's honestly not worth the calories.
But I haven't grown obsessive so I feel good about that.
Overall, I think this is something I could do a few times a year maybe,
I feel like it has helped but hasn't made me want to do it more than 7 days.
Maybe some other type of cleanse,
I don't know...
but not this one.
Anyway, I need sleep.

Cleanse: Day 4

The word to describe today is Exhaustion.
Yesterday was hungry, but today I'm just plain tired.
As far as the eating goes...
I'm sick of it but it doesn't really make a difference.
I'm getting used to eating like a rabbit.
We even stopped by In-N-Out after Ward Temple Night...
I was fine.
Anyway, just another day.
I feel like I'm over the hump where it's really hard.
It's still hard at times,
But it's getting better and easier.
I'm feeling better.
6 pounds down. :)
Tonight at the temple I was "spiritually fed" so that helped ease the hunger ;)
{I know, bad, lame joke... I'm tired}

Goodnight Bloggingland.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cleanse: Day 3

I had previously heard that Day 3 was the hardest, honestly I didn't think it was that bad.
It was still hard.
I'm still hungry, but I did it.
I love it when I can prove to myself that I CAN do hard things and succeed.
Anyway, I woke up and was pretty groggy today.
I think that was the hardest part was that I was so much more tired today than the other days.
As far as "clearing out" it has been VERY effective.
I was beginning to worry because not much "clearing out" was happening the first couple of days
{if ya know what I mean}
but today it was most definitely working.
So that was good to feel like it's actually working.
Also, I broke out today.
Not super stoked about it, but I know that it's a good sign for detoxing.
Anyway, I'm ready to defeat the next 4 days!
3 days down,
3 pounds down.
Keep on Keepin' on.
Peace and Love.

For the record...
I'm hungry and SOOO incredibly sick of fruits and veggies.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cleanse Day 2

Today was Day 2 of my 7 day cleanse.
Where is the love is what I have to say about today?
Seriously, first offered the most tempting looking cupcake ever (and I don't even like cupcakes that much), then my cute boss gets me a caramel apple for working extra hours on Friday that I can't even eat. :( THEN I come home and my sister's neighbor brings over the most beautiful display of the most delicious looking chocolates I have ever laid eyes on... Talk about a bummer of a day in the food department. (more desserts I suppose)
Yesterday was bread -- today was desserts {and nuts}
But in all seriousness...
It was okay.
There were ups and downs for sure.
I woke up feeling super energetic, like the first awake in the house (which NEVER happens around here). I was feeling great until about 2 p.m.; I hit a wall... a big one.
I attempted to have some carrot juice for lunch... Not happy. It was YUCKY! After that I just felt nauseous so nothing sounded good.
I decided it would be good in a smoothie but I couldn't do it straight.
I know it has only been 2 days... but I'm getting tired of only Fruit and Veggies.
Don't get me wrong, I love them... but when it's all you eat all day for two days straight... it gets old fast, believe me.
I guess I didn't realize how much I really do love food and simply having a variety.
I've heard that Day 3 is the worst and then it's better if I can just get past tomorrow.
We'll just have to see I suppose.
It has been hard but I'm hoping that it's worth it in the end and that I feel like a million bucks! :)
Here's to another day!
Goodnight. Sleep tight.
(I know I will.)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today is Day 1 of my cleanse. I have decided to do a strictly vegetables and fruit cleanse for the next 7 days (at least). Some of you are probably thinking... What? Is she crazy? Why would she do that? Is that healthy? I know that those were all of my questions when I started thinking about it and researching it. I have watched many people do many different cleanses and have seen many different results. I am not doing it to necessarily lose weight, {although I won't complain if I lose a few pounds} I'm simply doing it to flush out my system and sort of hit the "restart" button on my body. Lately, I have been feeling icky. Just sick like all the time. Whether it be my body aching, "stomach/digestion issues," sinus infections, {TO THE MAX causing headaches and loss of sleep} or just plain, LARGE and in charge. As I am preparing for my mission I want to feel prepared and fresh in every way, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, ect.
Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and I was truly inspired. Although my cleanse won't be quite as dramatic and life-changing as the "juice fast" probably, I was amazed the difference something like this can make. I was amazed to see the confidence, and just the way the countenance of these people transformed throughout the video. It also gave me a sense of just how hard it's going to be. It is Day 1 and I'm already feelin' it. {Not to mention it was Fast Sunday today, so I'm doubly feelin' it.}
I know that this will be good for me though, to clear all that junk out before I leave and soon don't have control over what I eat all the time.
{I'll be doing it when I get back too I think... If I survive that is.}
So I know that this is going to be hard, and I know there will be moments in this week where I feel like I'm going to die. I know there will be moments when I feel great. I know there will be moments when I'm grumpy because I'm just plain hungry... but anyone can do something for a week right? That's at least what I keep telling myself. :)
Anyway, Happy Cleansing and hope you enjoy this journey I'm embarking in...

Goal #1: Avoid ALL food blogs, pinterest, basically ANYTHING related to food.
Yeah... My sister made Homemade Rosemary Bread tonight. Rude.