Monday, April 11, 2011

Thank You . . .for seeing the silver lining

"We can always depend on some people to make the best, instead of the worst, of whatever happens."
~Sandra Wilde

I have been surrounded by positive influences my entire life but today I would like to highlight my wonderful sister Heidi.
Heidi is married to my brother Jake and they have beautiful Jillian. I have loved Heidi from the first night I met her. She is so down to earth and is funny and kind to all. Heidi is beautiful inside and out and truly has the light of Christ in her eyes. Heidi has helped me through a lot and has set a continuous example to me in every way. The reason I chose to focus on Heidi today is because Heidi is one of the happiest, most positive people I know. She is always helping others look at the bright side of things and truly seeing the silver lining in all aspects of life. Heidi has been through some really challenging trials in her life and she has set an amazing example to me to trust in the lord and to look for the lessons to be learned in my trials. She has helped me try and see myself through god's eyes and has helped me understand true beauty. Heidi is a living example of faith and continues to exercise faith in all things. Heidi thank you for being such a positive example in my life. Thank you for helping me see the good things in life and for always being so willing to listen when I need to talk.
You have helped me in more ways then one and I will never be able to thank you enough for your amazing example to me and to the many people you come in contact with. I couldn't have picked a better match for my amazing brother Jake and I'm glad that you two found each other. Your relationship gives me hope that someday I will find my perfect match. I love you and thank you again for always seeing the silver lining and looking at the hopeful things in life. You're the best!!

Much love and appreciation,

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