Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beginning My New Adventure

Well the last month has been pretty crazy moving home and getting settled in back at home, being back in Kamas, working some, attending my best friends' graduation, and my niece's wedding. Being back in Kamas for a month was harder than I ever expected. I don't know what made it so hard but I just really struggled. It was like I really wanted to spend time with my family and with my best friends but it was hard to just be home for some reason. Lately I don't really feel like I belong anywhere really so it has been hard to try and figure out where I do belong and what I should do or where I should go. Anyway, so I have been looking very forward to getting out here to Cali to live with my wonderful sister Melanie for the summer.
So when I was sitting at my Niece Tessi's wedding reception, it hit me that I am no longer a little girl and that I really am growing up... I know that I probably should've realized this when I moved away from home for the first time and being at college for a year, and I think I did, but it really hit home when I saw my niece married and starting her happily ever after. Anyway, as I was sitting at the reception chatting with my wonderful Aunt Dawn she gave me a cool idea of taking a picture of something, anything that I was grateful for everyday and posting it and explaining on my blog about why I am grateful for that specific thing in my life. So today is my first day of doing that and I'm going to try and do this because I think it is really important to recognize the things we are grateful for everyday, even the little things. So today I am grateful for....

my sister and my brother-in-law Phil for allowing me to come and live with them this summer. I didn't get a picture of them today but I snapped this shot of their cute house today. But I am looking SOOO forward to this summer and spending it with them and their cute family. :)

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