Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughtful Roommates

As today comes to a close I was trying to think of what I was thankful for today. Well much isn't happening yet since I haven't started my job so I haven't done much today and considering that my last 2 posts have kind of been about my sister and her family, today I am thankful for my thoughtful Roommates/ best friends. I was able to talk to my sweet roommate Jenny today for a minute while she was on her break from work and she called right when I needed to talk to a friend. I haven't been able to make friends really yet because I haven't started working yet and I haven't been to my sisters ward yet so I'm just kind of hangin with the fam this week. I'm hoping that I can meet some cool people when I start work and when I hopefully start attending singles ward. But today I was kind of lonely and Jenny called me basically just to tell me that she loved me and to check up on me. Then my other roommate Katy texted me about the awesome graduation she was at, at Gransville High and made me happy, which it's hard not to laugh and be happy when you talk to Katy. And now I am watching a movie with my family and IMing my best friend whom I miss very much! But I am thankful today for my good roommates/ bestfriends and for them making me happy when I am down on days like today. I miss you all very much! Love you all!

Chin up,

Merilee :)

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