Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love My Mommy!!!

So my mom and I have had a lot of bonding time this last month as I have been home and not working much and her being stranded at home most days due to me totaling her car this last winter. :( It has been nice to be able to hang out with my mom lots! She came down to California with me for the first couple weeks I've been out here and she is leaving early tomorrow morning. I'm going to miss seeing my mom everyday and I won't have long when I come back from Cali before I move back down to Cedar for school so I'm going to miss her lots! My mom is such a great example to me of how to be the perfect mother, grandmother, sister, friend, and person. She has so many great qualities but one that just really hits home for me is her willingness to serve anyone and everyone around her. As she has been in California she keeps telling Melanie that she feels bad that she hasn't done anything since she has been here and we all just laugh in her face because if you know my mom she can't help but serve ALL the time. She has constantly been building cool temples, zoos, and various creations with the kids, or she has been at the sink washing every little dish, or she has been changing diapers here and there. The woman can't help but serve and do anything and everything, but yet, she always feels like she never does anything. All I have to say about my wonderful mother is that she has a direct one way ticket to the celestial kingdom and I hope to be half as wonderful as she is someday. I love you mommy and I'm going to miss you the next little while. Thanks for all you do!!!

Loving and Missing My Dear Mommy,

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